Coviz is an open-source project which aims to generate and publish visualizations from data on the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).


About the author

This website was built by Michael Altfield. Please consider making a donation so Michael can keep this site running.


I'd also like to thank the following folks who assisted me in putting together various aspects of this website.

Open Source

Coviz is an open-source project.

For more information about the CC-BY-SA or AGPLv3 licenses, you can read them here:

Data Source

The data used for producing the charts can be referenced in the 'data-*' repositories of the coviz-org group on gitlab.com. This data originated from the following sources:


The models on this website take the historical data on the spread of the coronavirus and extrapolate them to attempt to predict the future. Of course, these models are guesswork.

The algorithms used in these models are open-source and contributed by the community. The community who submitted these algorithms may not be doctors, statisticians, data scientists, etc. The models may be wildly innaccurate and are provided without any warranty of any kind. For more information on the license under which this website's content is released, read our CC-BY-SA license.


This website would not have been possible without the following tools and services: Python, Plotly, Docker, Nodejs, Gitlab, Cloudflare, Pelican, m.css, Jquery, Phplist, WebKit, Electron, Simple Icons, Gimp, InkScape, vim, QubesOS, and Debian GNU/Linux.

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